The Q is an internet radio station with less talk.The Q plays the greatest hits from the 1960's & 1970's. I like to think of it as       "Radio Like It Used To Be".

Growing up in the 60's and working as a DJ in the 70's, the music holds many  special memories for me. School Sock Hops, High School Dances, Home Comings, Battle of the Bands, TV appearances, Teen Clubs and traveling for special gigs-all of which I was a part.

For several years I was a DJ playing music at KRWG the college radio station and KOBE in Las Cruces, NM, KINT radio in El Paso Texas and WMCL in Illinois. My love for the music and radio came from this time of my life, and now it is my hobby with a desire to keep this music alive.

Gary Pratz



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